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1. What’s the first thing you do after waking up (don’t say “I OPEN MY EYES HHUHUHU” yes we already know that, smart ass)
I roll over, kiss Andrew, get up, pee, and make him a coffee (which he never drinks)

2. What’s something you enjoy doing for self-care?
nice long bath

3. We’re all saving money for something, so what are you saving up for?
I am literally the worst at saving money, but I’m trying to keep money aside for my provisional so I can start learning to drive, and a holiday for next year.

4. Tits or ass? (or something else,…?)

5. Share a secret?
I dont believe I have any at this moment.

6. What kind of car do you drive (or what is your preferred method of transportation if you don’t drive)?/
I don’t drive, although Andrew does, he has a bright orange Kia Picanto which is cute and I love it but it’s so shit we just walk/cycle places now.

7. Name one thing you realistically hope is different in a year?
I hope Scotland is an Independent country but that’s never gonna happen. I hope I’m more motivated with uni and I hope I have a more fulfilling job. 

8. Share an unpopular opinion of yours?
I think beards are yucky I disapprove of vegetarians who eat fish and 
I do not like cats.

9. Least favorite genre and WHY?
Anything screamy because that is not music.

10. Favorite color of eyes / hair?
Brown hair, green eyes. 

11. What was your dream career when you were 6?
Disney Princess. Still my dream career.

ok I’m too angry to come up with any questions or think of anyone to tag so if you wanna do it do it and do these questions ok byw

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At the end of the day, the BBC, the media, and even Westminster can dismiss us, but 1.6 million people cannot be silenced that easily. We are the 45% and we’re not giving up that easily.
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I am not judging anyone for voting no, although I wholeheartedly believed, and continue to do so, that a yes vote was best for the country, but BURNING THE SALTIRE. They should be ashamed. It’s still our flag, no matter which way you voted. It symbolises more than this referendum, it is not a tool to use against the Yes campaign. It is an embarrassment that this is the image we present to the world, that the limited coverage Scotland gets on the news is fighting and rioting.

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People are being murdered in Scotland but no one seems to really care?

and someone finally gets it!

Well, George Square in Glasgow is currently being overrun with scum who are stabbing/assaulting/seriously injuring Yes voters, and even those wearing the Saltire, while these people spew racial abuse, sectarian chants, and even throw Nazi salutes. Yet the BBC play this off as a regular occurrence, and the police cannot do anything because it’s ‘peaceful protest’. I’d love to see them watch me ‘peacefully protest’ by throwing glass bottles at Mr Cameron and Nazi salute outside number 10. 

most importantly, I would urge anyone in Glasgow to stay home, stay safe, and stay as far away from George Square as possible, as once this finally breaks up these people will be roaming the streets. 

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How many No voters does it take to change a lightbulb? None, they’re too afraid of change.

Anonymous asked: "Nice to see your lack of solidarity with the rest of the UK, fuck the rest of us as long as Scotland is fine."

What do you mean by ‘the rest of the UK’, just England or Northern Ireland and Wales also? I am brutally aware of the fact that the UK in general is not in a good way, but Scotland has been fucked over and over by Westminster for years and years, and we’re making a stand. When you grow up seeing your parents not bothering to vote in general elections because no matter what they will not get the Government they vote for, you learn to be cynical very early. Scotland has been the UK’s bitch for years, we’re fed up of being the guinea pigs for their tax rises. We don’t want a nuclear weapons base which could destroy half of our country and the majority of our population with one accident. Independence would benefit us and I don’t see how it would harm the rest of the UK. In the cases of Wales and NI I actually think Scottish Independence would help them to see we do not have to rely on a corrupt government of unelected officials we didn’t get a say in. Westminster’s response to a lead in the Yes polls was to promise us more devolved power, which less than 24 hours after the referendum they have already retracted, and to belittle us into believing their scare stories. Doesn’t really sound like the rest of the UK cares about us much, does it?

Tl;dr: of course I care most about Scotland, and fuck England for their campaign of hate towards us to make us stay.

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Nowhere Boy (2009)